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A life with no past
"Good morning!"

That is the first indication that something is wrong. One minute, you were home, or at least in a familiar place. The next minute, you were waking up, as if breaking out of a vivid dream, inside a hospital room. And that, the doctors say, is what was happening to you. Nothing more than a vivid dream.


A city with no answers
Your entire life. Your memories, your friendships, your battles, everything that made you you. They are all lies your troubled mind made up. Your true, normal personality is buried somewhere beneath the fake personality you've built for yourself during the coma you were in. All you need to do now, is return home to your worried family, recover that true self and stay out of trouble. At least, that is what everyone in this new, normal-looking city seems to believe.

As for you, you're not so sure its that simple. After all, your fake life seemed too real...and there are too many others like you for it to surely be so.


where are you?


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decide the truth
Kon Ran is a panfandom, mystery roleplay, with jamjar, experimental OC and sandbox elements incorporated into it. Characters will find themselves depowered and given another identity and life; according to the people of this world, these are their real identities and lives. The mystery of why and how this could be, as well as how characters react to and handle this development, are half of the main plot of the game. The other half involves the the city they have found themselves in, the city of Kon Ran, a grand supercity where nothing is as it seems...

The Game Has Begun
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